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Renal graft ultrasound and Doppler evaluation

The prediction of renal allo-graft dysfunction is one of the major concerns in a patient’s early follow-up, regarding any surgical or nonsurgical complications; thus raising the demand for a non-invasive, affordable, non-toxic and an accurate method of screening. Also graft color doppler and ultrasound examination during follow up with any deterioration in kidney functions, urine output, episodes of uncontrolled hypertension or urinary symptoms. It’s better to be held by bedside nephrologist for better correlation of image findings and clinical condition. In addition to treatment modifications according to ultrasound findings or need of surgical or non-surgical interventions the examination protocol includes the following: Preparation of the patients, Transplant drugs that interfere with proper examination, Grey scale ultrasound examination of the graft, graft ureter, if there is a stent, perinephric space, Color Doppler ultrasound to evaluate arterial anastomosis, ilio-renal ratio and venous anastomosis, as well as acceleration and resistivity indices, Power Doppler and B-flow to estimate perfusion defects. Also candidates will be able to know methods of examination, timing and interpretation of results simple calculations.

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