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Research of the pico-second CO2 laser amplifier based on sequence band gain spectrum

When the ultra-short laser pulse is used for the plasma acceleration, the energy transferring to the charged particle is proportional to the product of the field intensity and the square of the wavelength. Due to its mid-infrared wave band(10.6μm), CO2 laser is likely to be one of the most important next generation light source for the laser acceleration of proton and ion. However, due to the discretization and narrow bandwidth of the gain spectrum of CO2 molecules, it is hard for the chirped pulse amplifi cation being used for the CO2 laser. Th is project proposes to increase the gain of CO2 molecules sequence band using optical pumping and compact the gain spectrum by means of overlapping gain spectrum of sequence band and normal band to solve the problem, realizing pico-second CO2 pulse amplifi cation at quasi-continuous spectrum. The team will carry out the researches about the absorption spectrum of sequence band, the energy relaxation at each rotational level of the optical pumped sequence band, the coherent amplifi cation process of diff erent spectrum of the input pulse in the different gain band series both theoretically and experimentally.

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