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Respectful maternity care: Women's perspective of disrespect and abuse during pregnancy, labour, and birth in Imo State, Nigeria

Statement of Purpose:


With a Maternal Mortality Ratio of 576 per 100,000 live births in 2013, Nigeria contributes a disproportionately high number of maternal deaths to the global burden. In Nigeria, only 38% of deliveries occur at a health facility, and health-facility delivery has been associated with better health outcomes. Disrespect and abuse of mothers during pregnancy, labour, and birth is a serious global public health issue and has been documented as a deterrent for health facility use. This study will explore women’s perspective of disrespect and abuse during maternity care in Imo state, Nigeria, and how this influences their future health-seeking behaviors.


Methodology & Theoretical Orientation:


Participants would be purposively recruited from women who have received maternity care (in pregnancy, labour, and birth) for at least one completed gestation from a health facility in Imo state Nigeria. All participants must have experienced one or more disrespectful or abusive care. A phenomenological study would be conducted using in-depth interviews for the participants till a data saturation is attained. Audio recordings of the interviews would be transcribed and analyzed using a six-stage thematic analysis in accordance with the phenomenological approach.


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