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Response of Wheat (Triticum Aestivum L) to Supplementary Irrigation and N-P Fertilizers in Mekelle, Northern Ethiopia

The experiment was conducted at two locations in Mekelle, Northern Ethiopia during the 2012 cropping season to study the effect of supplementary irrigation (SI), and N-P fertilizers on wheat (cv. HAR-2501) yield and yield components. The experiment was laid out as a two factorial RCBD design with each treatment replicated thrice. Three levels of SI and N-P fertilizers were used. Crop phenology, data on soil physical and chemical properties, water quality, grain yield and yield components were collected. Soil moisture was recorded every ten days. Data were subjected to statistical analysis using Genstat 12ed. statistical software. Crop water requirement and irrigation schedule, were analyzed using the FAO Cropwat8. Analysis of variance (ANOVA), mean comparison (p=0.05) of the different parameters for each treatment were analyzed. According to the ANOVA, wheat grain was significantly (p<0.05) affected by nitrogen and nitrogen fertilizers at the two sites. Application of 64-46 kg/ha N-P2O5 fertilizers and six SI increased wheat grain yield by 205.3 and 157.3% at the Endayesus and Ik sites respectively. Application of 32-23 kg/ha N- P2O5 fertilizers could be recommended for sandy soils and 64-46kg/ha N & P2O5 respectively, for clay type soils under rain-fed conditions. Based on this experiment, wheat was responsive to SI and N-P fertilizers, so, further research could be important to determine the response of the wheat to higher irrigation levels, especially for clay type soils and N-P fertilizers under the Northern Ethiopia climatic conditions, and to determine the economic feasibility of the SI and N-P fertilizers application on farmers’ management practices.

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