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Retrospective Study of Some Tumors at the Genital Tract of Dogs

 Retrospective Study of Some Tumors at the Genital Tract of Dogs

The objective of the present study was to through light on clinical, histopathological and immunohistochemical (IHC), differential diagnosis as well as evaluation of surgical interventions and outcome of canine external genital tumors. Twenty one cases of canine genital neoplasms (12 vulvar and vaginal tumors and 9 penile and preputial tumors) were recorded. History, clinical, histopathological and IHC examination as well as abdominal ultrasonographic evaluation were performed. The neoplasm's were vaginal leiomyosarcoma [n= 3], perivulvar lipoma [n=1], vaginal cystic polyp [n=1], vulvovaginal adenocarcinoma [n= 2], vaginal transmissible venereal tumour (TVT) [n= 5] as well as penile [n= 3] and preputial [n= 6] TVT, respectively. Local excision with/or without episiotomy was satisfactory with no recurrence of the tumor for about 2 years post-surgery. It was concluded that, surgical excision alone or combined with an episiotomy was successful with no recurrence of the tumour. TVT is rarely metastasis and this really indicated by intense lymphocytic infiltration in dermis of prepuce and vaginal submucosa of our cases. There are no detailed reports of microscopical feature of vaginal cystic polyp in canine.

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