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Rheological Properties of Grain Sorghum Dough As Determined By Mixography

Sorghum, like other cereals, is an excellent source of starch and protein. While considering the properties of sorghum proteins it could be an important food alternative for gluten intolerant and diabetic persons. Processing of sorghum flour into products has several limitations and very little information is available on sorghum as compared to wheat and other cereals. So, following study was undertaken to device a protocol for studying the rheological properties of sorghum with the help of Mixograph. After standardizing the protocol, rheological properties of six sorghum varieties were studied and compared with the properties of wheat flour and wheat whole mill. In six sorghum varieties, peak time varied from minimum of 4.91 min (CSV 15) to maximum 11.4 min (W 117). Peak height which represents dough strength ranged 15.9 to 36.4, which is very low as compared to wheat 69.6. Weakening angle is also higher in sorghum (0.21 to -4.27), as compared to wheat (-8.05).

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