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Role of Copeptin in Early Detection of Acute Myocardial Infarction Patients and its Relation to the Prognosis of Mid Term

Objective: To evaluate copeptin's contribution to the early diagnosis of acute myocardial infarction and its impact on longterm prognosis.

Methods: Forty patients admitted to AIN shams university hospital within 4 hours of onset of chest pain of AMI were included in this research. Serum copeptin, cTn I HL, CK-Total and CK-MB levels were measured on admission and discharge

Results: Copeptin, cTn I HL, CK-Total and CK-MB levels were all high (over the cutoff threshold) in all patients at the time of admission. Males had greater serum copeptin levels at admission as compared to females, but there was no statistically significant difference. Copeptin levels at admission were significantly correlated with heart rate, cTn I HL and there was a significantly negative connection with LVEF%. The serum level of copeptin and the LVEF% had a significantly significant negative correlation at discharge. The blood level of copeptin at admission and discharge differed non-significantly between the STEMI and NSTEMI groups, however it was higher in the STEMI group. LVEF% was non-significantly greater in NSTEMI.

Conclusion: When utilised after a clinical work-up and in conjunction with troponin, copeptin plays a crucial role in the earlier and more precise diagnosis of AMI. Additionally, there is substantial evidence to support the prognostic significance of copeptin in AMI patients when it is obtained at presentation.

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