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Role of Emotional ManagementTraining through NAVRAS Dance Therapy on Emotional Intelligence of Adolescents

This study was carried out to ascertain the effect of emotional management training through NAVRAS Dance Therapy in Indian Classical Dance on emotional intelligence of adolescents. The sample of the present study comprises of randomly selected 200 senior secondary school students including girls and boys enrolled in DAV School at Madharam of Telangana state in India. 100 students who agreed to learn dance for 50 sessions (one hour each) were included into experimental group and similar 100 students were selected from the same population (age, class, school) were into control group who were not given any dance training. Experimental group underwent Navras Classical Dance Training by practicing (nine core emotions) for three months (50 sessions).Emotional intelligence inventory was administered to measure the level. Results showed the significant effect of navras dance therapy on emotional intelligence of adolescents. The findings of the study shown increase in the level of emotional intelligence after NAVRAS Dance Therapy and no specific changes seen in the level of emotional intelligence when no intervention conducted.

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