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Role of Three Dimensional Transthoracic Echocardiography in Detecting the Change of Left Ventricular Global and Regional Wall Function

The role of the three dimensional echocardiography (3-DE) in assessment of global and regional LV function need to be studied. This study aimed to compare between 2DE and 3DE in detection of regional wall motion abnormality (RWMA) and evaluation of LV regional and global function. This study was conducted on seventy subjects divided into two groups: Group 1 (patients’ group) included 50 patients with acute coronary syndrome (mean age 55 ± 8 years) and Group 2 (controls’ group) included 30 healthy subjects (mean age 32.6 ± 8.5 years). All subjects underwent evaluation by 2 and 3-DE to detect the presence of wall motion abnormality. Assessment of regional EF by 3DE agreed with 2D assessment, and agreement was better in certain myocardial segments (anterior wall, basal segment of inferior wall, basal segment of lateral wall and apex) than other segments. The 3-D echocardiography provides objective and assessment of regional wall motion abnormalities in patients with ACS. However, it does not show superiority over the routine assessment of RWMA by 2D echocardiography.

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