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Scintigraphic Imaging of B-cell Lymphoma in Three Dogs Using a Radio-labeled Somatostatin Analogue

Background: Somatostatin analogues have been used to image endocrine neoplasia in dogs and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma (NHL) in humans.

Hypothesis: The hypothesis of this study was that dogs with naturally-occurring NHL will demonstrate tumor-specific uptake of 111In-DOTA-TATE on planar scintigraphy.

Methods: Three dogs with spontaneous B cell lymphoma received 3-5mCi (111-171MBq) of 111In-DOTA-TATE injected intravenously and were imaged with a planar gamma camera at 1, 4 and 24 hours after injection. Regions of interest were drawn around disease sites and ratios constructed to muscle containing blood-pool within each image.

Results: All evaluated nodes concentrated the radiopharmaceutical at the 4 and 24 h time-points. Spleen uptake was also visible for all three dogs. Liver and gastrointestinal uptake was present as described in previous reports. Conclusions and Clinical Importance: The somatostatin analogue 111In-DOTA-TATE demonstrates tumor-specific uptake in canine B cell NHL. This agent could be used for imaging of dogs with NHL and as a platform for delivery of therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals.

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