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Seasonal and Spatial Variations of Physicochemical Properties of Eastern Obolo Coastal Water, Niger Delta-Nigeria Alterations and Its Impact on Diversity of Macrobenthic Fauna in the Intertidal Zone of Abu Dhabi Western Coast (UAE)

The seasonal and spatial distributions of physicochemical parameters that determine water quality was investigated in the Eastern Obolo coastal water. This was to assess and monitor the seasonal variations of these parameters (surface water temperature, conductivity, TDS, TSS, pH, DO, turbidity, reactive nitrate, reactive phosphate, reactive silicate, ammonia, total cation, total anion and chl.-a) in the system. These parameters were measured during the month of February and August, 2015 that represent dry and wet season in ten stations. For the both season, surface water temperature range from 25.5°C to 33.7°C and, responded significantly with salinity (r =0.662*) and positively with conductivity (r=0.618) during wet season. The physical and chemical parameters like conductivity, salinity, pH, total cation, total anion and TDS showed a spatiodistribution in the system, and increased progressively toward the Atlantic Ocean. TDS showed strong controlling behavior over these parameters for both season. Rainfall and evaporation seem to be the causative weather factors that control their distribution and concentration. The DO content varied spatially across the system for the both season but remain ≤ 9.0mg/L. The micronutrients level varied spatially across the system, and correlated positive with Chl.-a level. The multivariate analysis revealed the following correlating factor in the surface water: conductivity/salinity/TDS/ total anion/total cation/pH/NO3 2- for PC1; TSS/turbidity/PO3 2-/SiO3 - for PC2; DO/ammonia/Chl.-a for PC3 during dry season and TDS/ NO3 2-/PO3 2-/SiO3 -/total cation/total anion/TSS/turbidity/pH for PC1; surface water temperature/conductivity/salinity/DO/TSS/PO3 2- for PC2; pH/ammonia/Chl.-a for PC3 during wet season. We found that the range values of the measured parameters were within the FEPA, 1998 limit values for water quality in Nigeria.

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