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Semen collection: Preferences and Opinions of the Male Partner

Semen collection is an essential component to the evaluation and treatment of infertility.  Little information is known regarding the male patients’ perspectives of the process.  The objective of this study was to investigate possible stresses, potential adverse effects and ways to improve the process of semen collection.  A prospective descriptive anonymous survey was collected from men collecting a semen sample at an academic fertility center.  A total of 102 surveys were completed by participants.  The indications for the semen collection were analysis (49.5%) and fertility treatment (50.5%).  Most men preferred to collect their samples at the clinic (56.9%), in the morning (85.7%), without lubrication (80.2%) and without their partner present (64.0%).  The majority of those surveyed (63.7%) did not believe their sex drive/libido changed during the work-up/treatment of infertility.  Approximately 1 in 4 men were embarrassed (26.7%) and almost 1 in 3 men (32.2%) reported increased stress when providing a semen sample.  In conclusion, a large percentage of men feel increased stress and embarrassment when providing a semen sample.  By understanding the preferences of male patients and making the appropriate clinical changes, the semen collection experience may be improved which may ultimately lead to superior semen parameters and treatment outcomes.

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