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Status and Conservation Threats of Large Mammals outside the Protected Areas

This research aims to find out population status, habitat, distribution and conservation threats of large mammals in LaljhadiMohana Biological Corridor. Line Transect Survey was done by making 43 grids each of 2 2 sq. km covering whole study area avoiding inaccessible areas with single replication. For the purpose of data collection, transects of 1.5 – 2 km each were laid randomly in the grids. Habitat occupancy survey was also done and anthropogenic pressure was recorded sidewise in the field. In order to explore people’s perception and gather more evidences on the details of large mammals including their conservation threats, social survey was conducted focusing on key informant survey and shared learning dialogue. As for the ranking of conservation threats to large mammals, relative whole-site ranking method was used. Data analysis revealed that Sal forest is the major habitat of large mammals that supports elephant, tiger, leopard, blue bull. Endangered species Panthera tigris tigris and Elephas maximus seasonally used the corridor. Encroachment, habitat fragmentation and open grazing are ranked as relatively high threats among eight major threats discussed.

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