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Stress-metabolites phytoalexins stilbenoids of vine leaves Shavkapito variety (Vitis vinifera L.) in condition Downy mildew infection

It is studied Georgian red vine variaty Shavkapito healthy and infected leaves by downy mildew (Plasmopara viticola berl.) stilbenoids quantity and qualitative compounds. The simples were taken in east part of Georgia from the soil Eutric cambisols of 15 years of vineyard. Stilbenoids containing fractions were isolated from the objects by ethylacetate.  Thisfractions were processed with appropriate method and were analysed by HPLC/MS. It is established stress-metabolite stilbenoids, among them dominate trans-resveratrol and trans-ε-viniferin. In infected by downy mildew leaves were fixed concentration increase. In concret, trans-resveratrol from 1,57 mg/kg to 15,23 mg/kg. Trans-ε-viniferin from 10,92 mg/kg to 18,51 mg/kg.  The results of the experiment is scientific novelty for the Shavkapito grape variety and is important for establishing in future of the vine immunity correlation with phytoalexins- stilbenoids.

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