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Studies on the effect of fresh and iced fish used for quality of prepared products: A comparative study for lean and fatty fish

The study was conducted to know the quality of Fresh fish and iced fish by using Indian Mackerel (Rastrelliger Kanagurta) and Pink perch (Nemipterus japonicus). The Fatty and Lean variety of fishes were procured from the fish landing centers off Mangaluru coast to the college laboratory. For the first day, from both the variety of fishes half quantity were taken for preservation under iced condition in insulated box and half of the quantity was used for preparing a products like, Smoking, Freezing and Canning. At the end of 6 days and 8 days of icing the fatty variety fish (Mackerel) and lean variety fish (Pink Perch) were started degrading in their quality while analyzing the Physical, chemical and sensory evaluation respectively. After 6 and 8 days of preservation of fish in insulated box under iced condition was used for the preparation of final quality of the product. The iced and fresh fish of first day prepared product was compared together to obtain the conclusion. The iced fishes which were used for smoked product preparation was found suitable up to 20 and 30 days in mackerel and pink perch respectively but the fresh fish was found suitable up to 25 and 35 days respectively. In case of freezing, 4 and 7 months in case of freezing of mackerel and Pink perch of iced fish and 6 and 8 months in case of freezing of mackerel and Pink perch of fresh fish. However, the iced fish used for canning was found suitable up to 8 and 10 months respectively and 9 and 12 months in case mackerel and pink perch respectively of canned products. It was concluded that, fresh fish will have little more shelf life than that of iced fishes and lean variety fishes having more shelf life both in case of fresh as well as in iced condition but the iced fishes can also be used for preparing various products in the later days for effective qualities.

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