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Study on Prevalence of Cattle Tick Infestation at Shone District of Hadiya Zone, South Ethiopia

A cross sectional study was conducted from March 2019 to August 2020 in Shone district with the objectives of determining the prevalence of ixodid ticks genera and assessing the difference in infestation among the different risk factors such as age, sex, body condition score. A total of 4112 adult ixodid ticks were collected from cattle. A total 384 cattle were selected by systematic randam sampling and examined. Results showed that the overall prevalence of tick infestation was found to be 79.2% (304/384). Four tick genera were identified with the constituents of Amblyomma 1942 (46.5%), Rhipicephalus (formerly Boophilus) accounts 1274 (31%), Hyalomma 635 (15.4%) and Rhipicephalus 291 (7.1%) From the total count, Amblyoma was the dominant tick species and Rhipicephalus was the least.

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