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Study on the Ammonia Tolerance Threshold of Ottelia acuminata (Gagnep.) Dandy Seedling

Study on the Ammonia Tolerance Threshold of Ottelia acuminate (Gagnep.) Dandy Seedling.

As a typical representative plant of Erhai Lake in Yunnan Province, Ottelia acuminate (Gagnep.) Dandy has an important ecological status. Erhai Lakeside has characteristics of a low polluted water that contains major polluted sources, such as ammonia. A simulated experiment based on these characteristics was performed in 2013 to determine the ammonia tolerance threshold of macrophyte seedlings through the analysis of antioxidase system indices and malondialdehyde. The tolerance threshold of the seedlings was given as the symbol Nmtor. The results showed that in a blank substrate simulated experiment, the ammonia tolerance threshold of the seedling is 0.5

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