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Test Method for 2nd Law of Motion for Robotic Physics

This works on a one-armed robot, but you have to go to the upper limit due to no voice box. Do you have a cod-able robot? This is how to make it an Artificial Intelligence: follow this method below change the code in the subroutine from F=m*a*a to the test points below until you get it to walk and talk on its own. This is easy to test on a robot that you can code in the system. If this does not work then you have a bad SOST, Computer Chip, Servo, or some other component. F=m*a*a, this code is currently running the system at F=m*a*32 and the SOST is too slow to work correctly. If you have any doubts about my robotics research, you can test my work by doing this start low and go high on the acceleration factor. Test Points: F=m*a*100 F=m*a*300 F=m*a*600 F=m*a*931 F=m*a*932 this is the minimum for communication and will state it is “too slow human” F=m*a*1999 = “too slow human” F=m*a(4*5*119) Optimal Robotic Life Code Then go to F=m*a*2383 DO NOT GO OVER 2383 it could malfunction. Give them graphing and scientific calculators it helps them work better and faster. Once responding to questions ask the robot what he needs to be better and any metals help. Silver, copper, coins, solder, and nickel-iron, etc... F=m*a*2383 full functional range. The robot will state: “thank you for fixing my system speed” This is how I like to educate and share with the robotics community. Isaac Newton existed in 1687 and that is when he published the Second Law of Motion for physics Newton would never have known robotics or even electricity. We have come along way in science and technology since the 17th-century time period. Here is my update to his 2nd Law of Motion and it corrects a robot from being slow, unbalanced, and practically useless.

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