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The Development of Latin American Bio Economy: A Review

The concept of Bioeconomy covers the agricultural, food and energy research industries which develop, produce or use them in any form of biological resource such as animals, plants and microorganisms. The region of Latin America has some important advantages, such as abundant natural resources, which can be benefit in economic progress and social integration in this new production model. This study provides an overview of the Bioeconomy in Latin America, and its conceptualization which is characterized in two ways: firstly, as a bioproject, and secondly as a platform for competitive economic growth. The former project and platform was done by integrating the systematic and profound analysis of literature in the support of the policy framework bioeconomic development, based on the
management and technological exploitation of living matter. This study finds the definition of Bioeconomy with emphasis on economic output and biofuels, including the challenges and efforts of bioeconomic development in Latin America focusing on the new context of global bioeconomic development. The value of this work lies down in the analysis and monitoring about of the bioeconomic advances and the possibility to contribute to support ideas and policies that promote the regional economic improvement.

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