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The Effect of Mixing Carbon Black N330 and N660 in Fiber Reinforcement Plastic Matrix System for Fire Retardance in Marine Application

The composite materials are increasingly being used in applications where their fire response is a critical consideration. Composite in the marine application was growing rapidly especially in the ship and boat building was prevalent in recent decades. As the synthetic materials nowadays are more flammable, they required modification to decrease their flammability through the addition of flame-retardant compounds. This journal presents an investigation of a combination of two series of carbon black namely N330 and N660 in order to improve the fire resistance. The method was, by mixed two different series of carbon black (N330 and N660) into the resin and deployed using vacuum infusion process to get 5 mm thickness of polymer composite. The flame test will be conducted and the properties of fire retardant being studied. A factor to be recorded and identify was flame spread and burn rate including smoke density.

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