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The Effect of the Stigma of Mental Illness and Sense of Coherence on Social Support among Arab Patients in Israel

Background: Patients with mental illness often suffer from self- and social stigma because of their health condition. This stigma might be a barrier to obtaining social support from family members. Aim: This study examines associations between self- and social stigma, sense of coherence, and family support among individuals with mental illness in Israel’s Arab population. Research Question: How does sense of coherence mediate the relationship between perception of stigma and social support? Methods: The sample consisted of 120 participants who completed self-questionnaires on self-stigma, social stigma, sense of coherence, and social support. Results: Positive correlations were found between self-stigma and social stigma. In addition, a mediation model was developed predicated on the fact that high social stigma is associated with a high sense of coherence which in turn is associated with high social support. Conclusions: The findings suggest that a sense of coherence mediates the relationships between social-stigma and social support among patients with mental illness in Israeli Arab society.

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