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The Effects of Honey and Bee Bread on Bodyweight, Sperm Parameters and Reproductive Hormones in Male Mice

Bee products (honey and bee bread) have been used for their nutritional and therapeutics properties since time immemorial. Honey and beebread contains numerous nutrients that have antioxidant properties that can be tested for improving male reproductive functions. The effect of Honey and beebread intake on male mice reproductive system has not been reported. Therefore the aim of this study was primarily designed to determine the effects of honey and beebread intake on bodyweight, reproductive hormones and spermatogenesis. Honey and beebread were harvested from bee hives and filtered to remove solid particles and concentrated (40% w/v water) by oven drying at 40ºC before use. A total of 30 male mice weighing between 12-30 grams were used for this study. The animals were randomly divided in a blinded fashion into 3 groups of 10 each, (Group A, B and C). Mice in group A served as control, which received oral administration of distilled water while mice in Group B and C received freshly prepared honey and beebread at dose rate of 1g/kg bodyweight orally respectively by gavage daily for 70 days according to Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) guidelines. Parameters measured were bodyweights, serum hormonal levels (Follicle-stimulating hormone, Luteinizing hormone and Testosterone), spermcount, viability, motility and morphology.

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