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The identification of all types of facilities for maritime navigation affecting Ecosystem in Saudi Arabia

Navigational tools, equipment and devices have developed and the ship's navigation officer has to take help in unconventional ways to plan and navigate the sea voyage. The ship's officer has a myriad of marine navigation equipment which makes the maintenance of ships, cargo and lives much easier, thanks to technological advances. Thus, preserving the marine environment. As the lack of training and inefficiency affect the environment, whether when maneuvering ships to dock in ports or during sailing, in addition to loading and unloading operations in ports. Moreover, current seafarers are trained to know how to work and operate all modern navigational equipment that made the journey at sea smoother, safer and more secure. Positive dimensions on the environment to be compatible with modern facilities and automation, the ship today has many advanced navigation equipment systems that provide accurate data for the voyage, thus avoiding many of the negatives that occurred in previous times.

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