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The key issue of Clinical Humanities

The real purport of clinical humanities is putting oneself in an unexpected (calamity or pain) situation and being unable to understand others real situations and; hence, uncovering oneself. Therefore the so-called clinical humanities (a verb) attempts to break the self-recursion in humanities and social sciences and puts humanities and social sciences in a helpless and confused state. Then it can achieve humanistic development in human clinical sites such as illness disaster loss of family member and other calamitous situations, while also forming an on-site humanistic support network. At various clinical site on the one hand the inertia of the humanities and social sciences should be broken and the voice of suffering should be heard to obtain new self-reflections. On the other hand through self reflections humanities and social sciences can transform and penetrate a suffering situation to extract profound humanistic knowledge. Under this context clinical humanities (a noun referring to transformed humanities and social sciences) truly participates in human suffering situations and has a professional framework that is different from conventional suffering alleviation. It also has its own unique rhythms. The purpose of my research in recent years is to show the multiplicity of indigenous/cultural psychology and clinical humanities and healing. My studies try to highlight some of the alternative new meanings of clinical humanities and the true manifestation of the encounter between clinical humanities and indigenous/cultural psychology.

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