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The magic of lifting and filling threads in aesthetic medicine

What are these?: They are absorbable medical threads that will be inserted under the skin for Aesthetic problems or remodeling. What’s the importance of them?: They are an excellent alternative therapy of big and complicated surgeries in Aesthetic medicine and the procedure is NonSurgical and very easier. In which kind of branches of medicine they might be used?: Dermatology, E.N.T, Plastic Surgery, Neurology, Neurosurgery, Maxillofacial Surgery, Ophthalmology. What are their indications?: Wrinkles , dynamic and static lines of skin, Treatment of asymmetries, Lifting of skin, Skin tightening and contour laxity, Rejuvenation and delay cutaneous aging, Volume loss under the skin, Alternative of botox and fillers, Scars, Sharpening of columns , lines and borders of skin, Skin brightness. What are they made of?: There are 3 types of threads now. P.D.O (polydioxanone) P.L.L.A (Poly-L-Lactic Acid) P.C.L (Polycaprolactone) How does it works?: At first it has an instant skin lifting and filling effects through mechanical effects, after that resolving process will begin and among this, cellular renewal , collagen stimulation and neovascularisation will be occurred and it will be caused to improve skin texture, fine lines ,stretching, elasticity and skin tightening. How long does it take for threads to dissolve? P.D.O 3-6 MONTHS P.L.L.A 12-18 MONTHS P.C.L 24-36 MONTHS How soon will we see results and how long they remains?: The best result will be seen after 3 months of insertion and depends on the type of the thread. It will be continued more than 2 years or up to many years. What are their benefits?: minimally invasive procedure, short time (15 – 30 minutes), surprisingly safe treatment (very few side effects), very natural, tissue making, cost effective in compare of surgery, ambulatory procedure, long lasting effects. After the procedure: Some mild swelling and soreness for 1 to 2 days and a mild sensation of tightness up to 2 weeks and with a good ice packing there is no bruising. Side effects: If happened are easily manageable and serious side effects are mostly related to the technique of insertion so if the doctor is skilled, well trained and experienced there are no side effects at all.

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