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The Observation of The Dark Matter of The Universe Through The Concept of The Theory of Relativity.

This research is attempt to find a logical explanations of the mystery of the dark matter which always occupies a wide areas of a modern scientific researches, therefore we may assume that the dark matter is a normal matter but due to a several circumstances that we will mention here, guides these  materials to have some strange physics characteristics to represent as a dark matter and to be invisible for any sorts of electromagnetic detectors, because the light cannot be reflected from the surfaces of materials which moves at a nearly the speed of light, especially if it moves at the same direction, in the meanwhile even stars which moves away of us in nearly the speed  of  light  (lights  which  been  emits from these stars to our side, will not be at the same speed of light), reasons beyond moving universe materials at a tremendous values of speeds are the circumstances during the big bang, the different or opposites directions of moving also due to the attraction of materials with each other in the universe depending upon Newton’s gravitational theory, and due to of their high speeds and extreme accelerations it will finally move in the high speeds and nearly at speed of light therefor all materials will disappear completely or it will hid.

The dark matter became representing as one of mysterious during a researches either from NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory or ESA’s XMM-Newton and Hitomi or a Japanese-led X-ray telescope, therefore according to a basic physics principles of a dynamic physics and its logical concepts and calculations, we may see the situation through a different angles and we may find a logical answers for the mystery of the dark matter, therefore we could consider the inability of the light reflection from surfaces of materials of the objects which moves at a tremendous speeds nearly speed of light and the opposite direction away of us, therefore it became dark matter, even stars at that circumstances (which moves at a tremendous values of speeds and nearly a speed of light and the direction away of us) will also disappear, because these Photons of light that emissions of starlight of those stars to our side will not be at the speed of light, therefore these electromagnetic waves will lose its a fundamentally physics characteristics and will be a merely (semi-stable Photons in the space or in at a low speeds), remember the materials of the universe are in moving at a tremendous speeds due to the expanding of the universe since the first second of a big bang and the different of speeds of galaxies is due to a different values of energies of each spherical layers of the explosion zone. Practically it’s impossible to the material objects move at the speed of light (299 792 458 m/s) according to a modern scientific theories, but due to a difference of a directions (opposites directions) of the universe materials and in a tremendous values of speeds, the differences in speeds may reach nearly a speed of light, remember the possibility of move the particles of materials at speed of light after the big bang which represents the fundamental materials of forming stars and galaxies which formed during a tremendous values of rushing speeds in the space, that may simply explains the reason behind the tremendous values of speeds of moving stars and galaxies in the universe and in a different directions according to the big bang zone, where any circumstances prevents light photons to move at speed of light that will loss the light its fundamental physics characteristic as electromagnetic waves and we may need to develop our equipment to be able to deal with different sorts of wave.

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