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The Predictive Value of Baseline Pulse Oximeter Perfusion Index on the Incidence of Hypotension During Balanced General Anesthesia Induction

Hypotension is a common occurrence during general anesthesia induction. Perfusion Index (PI) has been used as a measure of systemic vascular resistance and was shown to predict hypotension after regional anesthesia and propofol induction.

This study aims to determine whether baseline PI can predict hypotension during balanced general anesthesia induction and determine a cut-off value where hypotension is expected to occur.

Methods: Thirty-five ASA I/II adults who will undergo elective surgery under general anesthesia were enrolled. Heart rate, blood pressure and PI were measured every minute from baseline to 5 minutes following induction and 10 minutes after endotracheal intubation. Hypotension was defined as fall in systolic BP (SBP) by >30% from baseline and/or mean arterial pressure (MAP) to <60 mm Hg. Severe hypotension (MAP of <55 mm Hg) was treated.

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