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The role of psycho social support for women with breast cancer of the reproductive period

Statement of the Problem: Women, since breast cancer has first been diagnosed, show several negative psychological and emotional responses. Women with breast cancer need psychological support, especially when they are in their reproductive period.

Purpose: The aim of this paper is to highlight the importance of psychological and emotional support for women of the reproductive period who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Methodology&TheoreticalOrientation:The methodology and the material include searching and reviewing research studies through electronic databases in recent years.

Findings: Women suffering from breast cancer need psychological, psychosocial and emotional support to manage critical issues related to their illness. Psychosocial support is allegedly of great importance to the particular group of women in order to respond to the difficult conditions created by the disease itself, the treatment, the surgery that most often implies the mutilation of all or part of the breast. Psychosocial support aims to increase the quality of life of women, management of emotions, anxiety, treatment complications, etc.

Conclusion & Significance: The psychosocial support of women increases their quality of life, reduces their burden, enhance and strengthen their family role.

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