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The role of VAC-therapy in accelerating the wound healing in patients after surgical treatment of the pilonidal desease

Objective: Analyze of wound repair in patients with pilonidal disease with open wound management and stimulation of healing by VAC-therapy.

Methods: Study includes 75 patients who underwent open surgical treatment. Men were 59 (78.7%), women – 16 (21,3%). Patients were divided into main group (n=40), which after excision was carried out original vacuum therapy and control (n=35), with excision and open wound treatment by standart dressings. Clinical characteristics, cytological and planimetric parameters of healing were evaluated.

Results: In main group, during the first week of treatment, a decrease in inflammation was observed and by the second week – granulation tissue formation resulted in purification and epithelization of wound and by the third week of VAC-therapy were noted optimum conditions for wound contraction and scar tissue formation. At cytological examination, from the 8 day after the VAC-therapy, inflammatory response decreased in 33 (82.5%) patients, from 12 days in 13 (32.5%) patients’ regenerative cytological pattern was determined. To 16 days in 24 (60.0%) observations of main group the wound regenerative processes were noted and in control one, inflammatory-regenerative cytograms prevailed – 21 (60.0%). In compared groups, it was found that average healing and wound area reduction rate for the first 16 days of treatment was significantly 2,7 times higher in main group.

Conclusions: Using VAC-therapy in postoperative wounds with open treatment of pilonidal disease promotes acceleration of healing and improves results of treatment in comparison using standard dressings.

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