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The Specific Effects on Vision and Body Development of Turbot (Scophthalmus maximus) Larvae Caused by Different Light Spectra

This study aimed to find out the effect of five light spectra (white, LDW; blue, LDB; green, LDG; red, LDR and yellow, LDY) on the visual development and growth performance of turbot (Scophthalmus maximus) larvae. The number (per 100 μm) of cone cells, outer nuclear cells, ganglion cells, the ratio of outer nuclear to cone and ganglion cells, lens diameter and the minimum separable angle were determined. Variations in growth performance in total length, body mass, and body color were also examined. The results showed that the LDB group underwent metamorphosis faster than did the other groups and attained the greatest total length, body mass, and light sensitivity. The LDB group also completed the body color variation prior to the other groups. The LDG group exhibited a high mortality rate since 25 dph (days post-hatching). We arrived at the conclusions that the spectra could affect the vision and body development of turbot larvae specifically and the blue light had the enhancing efficiency during this process, followed the white and yellow light. The red light imposed an inhibiting effect on these variations.

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