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The Use of Genodiagnostics for Typing of Helicobacter Pylori in Monkeys

The Use of Genodiagnostics for Typing of Helicobacter pylori in Monkeys

Investigation of different monkey species in Adler colony was carried out to find out the genotype pathogenicity of Helicobacter pylori. It was established that the vacuolating cytotoxin gene (vacA) presents in 60.2% of cases that is actually two times higher than for a cytotoxin-associated gene (cagA) – 38.8%.The percent of type I occurrence in individuals with gastro-intestinal diseases was 63%, that one for type II was 37%. The most common subtype of H. pylori in baboons was Ia (45%), while in macaques it was Ib (63%). The subtype Ic was less common (16% in baboons and 25% in macaques). Green monkeys showed the presence only the Ib subtype.

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