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The Use of Physical Therapy Procedures in the Treatment of Soft Tissue Injuries in a Horse: A Case Study

Objective: Sports training of the horse requires from the animal a high level of strength, coordination and endurance. Therefore sport specific training carries a considerable risk of overload Injury, especially in muscular and skeletal systems. Soft tissue lesions (of tendons, ligaments and muscles) are a very frequent type of an injury in sports horses.
Study Design: The study is aimed at presenting the original project of physiotherapeutic measures including complex therapy methods, applicable after the injury of rupture of tendon fibers of the accessory head of the deep digital flex or muscle.
Animal: Horse.
Material and Methods: The therapeutic program was employed in a sports horse. The therapy lasted five weeks.

Applied treatments: the Cito instant cold compress, kinesio taping - a lymphatic application, kinesio taping with the ligament technique, cryotherapy,
deep transverse friction massage, ultraphonophoresis and restoring soft tissues elasticity and joint mobility.
Results: All of the offered physiotherapeutic procedures turned out to be effective in treating.
Conclusion: The complex application of therapeutic procedures offer allows the horse to come back to participation in show jump competitions.

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