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Theoretical and practical aspects regarding the mass and the negative electrostatic charge of photons

Let us consider that the entire universe is composed of a single hydrogen atom within which the electron is moving around the proton. In this case, according to classical theories of physics, radiation, photons respectively, should be absorbed by the electron. Depending on the number of photons absorbed, the electron radius of rotation around the proton is established. Until now, the principle of photons absorption by electrons and the electron transition to a new energy level, namely to a higher radius of rotation around the proton, is not clarified in physics. This paper aims to demonstrate that radiation, photons respectively, have mass and negative electrostatic charge similar to electrons but infinitely smaller. The experiments which demonstrate this theory are simple: thermal expansion, photoelectric effect and thermonuclear reaction. This paper proposes also a practical method to determine the mass of photons. By measuring the difference in weight between two equal blocks of metal, one cold and one heated to high temperatures, resulting the photons weight. For the accuracy of the measurement, the classical arm of balance will be replace with a Laser ray arm. By practical demonstration that photons have mass and their corpusculare structure is similar to electrons, can no longer admit the dual character of photons: corpuscles and electromagnetics wave. Being corpuscle with mass, the photon moves at the speed of light in a specified direction. The electromagnetic waves moves in a spherical direction in all space. This demonstrate that the electromagnetic waves represent only a electrostatic, (electric) field vibration surrounding space also in cosmos.

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