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Transient increase of Plasma HIV RNA after COVID-19 Vaccination

The patient, a 65-year-old heterosexual male, used to be as soon as recognized with HIV illness in March 2020, at some factor of a diagnostic workup for chronic liver sickness due to former alcohol abuse. At diagnosis, plasma HIV RNA (viral load, VL) used to be as soon as 5,780,000 copies/mL and CD4+ rely used to be as soon as 44/µL (3.6%, CD4/CD8 0.1%). No co infections have been diagnosed. Antiretroviral remedy (ART) with tenofovir alafenamide/ emtricitabine/bictegravir used to be started two weeks after diagnosis, and used to be well tolerated; adherence used to be optimal, as assessed through go to interviews. Three months after ART initiation, VL used to be underneath 200 copies/mL and CD4+ be counted used to be > 200/µL. Six months after initiation (October 2020) the affected character accomplished VL suppression (< 50 copies/mL), validated with the useful resource of three subsequent determinations. In April 2021 the patient, through the usage of then suppressed for increased than 6 months, with negative scientific data and terrible anti-N antibodies for SARS-CoV-2, acquired the first dose of mRNA1273 vaccine (Moderna Biotech), which used to be moreover precise tolerated (as the affected man or woman did now not file any systemic side effect), in the context of the Italian vaccination campaign.

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