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Typhoid, Malaria and their Concurrent Infections in Fondonera, West Region of Cameroon

Public health awareness of concurrent malaria and typhoid prevalence situation in poor-resource communities such as Fondonera in the West region of Cameroon is scanty. A retroprospective study was designed to determine malaria, typhoid and  their association (malaria + typhoid) prevalence’s. The SD Bioline malaria Ag Pf/Pan 05FK60 rapid diagnostic test kit was used for pre-testing and Giemsa thick and thin smear staining technique was used as a confirmatory test. The widal agglutination test was used for typhoid fever diagnosis and haemoglobin concentration determined using the haemoglobin color scale method. Concurrent malaria and typhoid infection prevalence was 3.31%. Malaria prevalence (10.92%) alone was greater than typhoid prevalence (7.28%) alone. Infection prevalence for both typhoid and malaria was high in patients with haemoglobin concentration <11 g/dl (5.62%) than those with normal haemoglobin ≥11 g/dl (3.31%). Risk factors such as profession and level of education were significantly affected by the two diseases. Concurrent malaria and typhoid infection exists in the Fondonera community of West Cameroon and their presence is a call for public health concern. 

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