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Ultrasound Sensitivity and Specificity compared with conventional X-Rays in detection of Pneumo-thorax in patient with internal jugular catheter insertion

Ultrasound was found to be as specific as conventional X rays and knowing the sonographic appearance of pneumothorax, in intervention cases like IJ catheter insertion, in critical ICU patients and in emergency cases of trauma where it is difficult to bring the patient in the x ray department or where immediate intervention is needed a bedside sonography would be of significant value in patient management. It was also found that none patient developed complications when the internal jugular catheter insertion was done under ultrasound guidance. Besides, as known that X rays is associated with radiation hazards, it is wise to use ultrasound as an alternative tool which can be easily done, and is an effective tool which do not involve radiation dangers. So we can use ultrasound as an important imaging modality when there is clinical suspicion of pneumothorax.

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