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Use of Fetal Stem Cells for Anti-Aging and Rejuvenation Therapy

Background: The main objective of our study was investigation of fetal stem cells (FSCs) effects on principal processes of human organism aging.
Material and Methods: The main group (MG) was composed of 164 female patients and 165 male patients. Cardiovascular type of aging was remarkable for 66 patients, endocrine- 65, neuro-psychic- 70, metabolic- 50 and mixed type- was presented in 78 patients. For statistical analysis we studied the group of patients with mixed type of aging. All patients in the MG underwent treatment using FSCs. Preparations containing FSCs were individually selected for each patient depending on a definite type of aging; suspensions were administered via the parenteral route.
Results: Patients experienced a syndrome of early post-infusion improvement which was presented as enhanced physical and emotional activity; better mood, improved sleep and appetite. Antiaging therapy using FSCs can promote a favorable effect on the lipids and carbohydrates metabolism; laboratory parameters of male health and overall physical state in patients; psycho-functional and emotional health were improved too. We recorded healthier skin in our patients; its dryness and scaliness (roughness) reduced; skin suppleness and elasticity increased and the patients also reported less number of wrinkles. Based on calculations we revealed that over 18 months after FSCs transplantation the aging rate among the patients became lower by 35.33%, whereas over 30 months it was reduced by 56.68%.
Conclusion: Treatment using FSCs allows correlating internal factors of pre-term fading which result in lower external signs of aging among the patients; that, in bulk, contributes to overall revitalizing and rejuvenation along with inhibiting the rate of aging by way of promoting better life quality and life expectancy among the patients.

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