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Use of Plant Anthelmintics as an Alternative Control of Helminthic Infections in Sheep

The performance and productivity of sheep is adversely affected by helminthic infections. The control of helminth infections has always been a challenge. Till now, the main control methods of these infections are treatments with broad spectrum synthetic anthelmintics like ivermectin, albendazole, levamisole, etc. However, the drug residues in animal products and the development of anthelmintic resistance has restricted their usage in animals. Recent research shows that plant natural compounds and products (herbal anthelmintics) offer an environmentally safe and a sustainable alternative to them. Various active anthelmintic molecules have been purified from various plant sources, these include: Atanine, Santonin, Phenantherenes, Eugenol, Palasonin, Santovin, Alantalactone, Benzoquinone, Tetra-hydroharmine, Anthraquinone, Kestoxin, Ascaridole, Azadirachtin, Bromclain, Allicin, Kaurenoic acid, Anthocyanin, etc. These natural compounds are more stable, have greater structural diversity than synthetic ones and, therefore, are active against a wide range of target parasites. This diversity can preclude the occurrence of anthelmintic resistance, therefore, they are a good and reliable alternative to traditional drugs for the successful control of helminth parasites.

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