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Use of vaginal laser to treat atrophic lichen sclerosus

Zoon’s vulvitis is a rare and idiopathic chronic inflammatory dermatosis, being an alternative to be considered in presence of vulvar lesions that do not respond to treatment. Its diagnosis is essentially histopathological, showing plasma and vascular changes, such as vascular hyperplasias with dilation of capillaries and wall thickening and also extravasation of red blood cells with hemosiderin deposits. Despite mimicking malignant lesions, it is a benign condition, with no description of progression to malignancy in literature. Typical lesion of disease is characterized by erythematous plaques, well-defined, with irregular edges, usually bilateral and symmetrical, which can affect labia minora, clitoris, urethral and vaginal meatus. Clinic varies from asymptomatic to patients with vulvar pruritus, dysuria and dyspareunia, which affects woman’s quality of life. There is no consensus in literature regarding treatment to be instituted, since the response is inconsistent, with cases that respond or not to treatment with estrogen, corticosteroids, antibiotics, antifungals, among others. We describe here a case of a patient with zoon vulvitis who evolved for a long period of time without diagnosis and treatment, since it is a rare and little-known disease.

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