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Usefulness of intra uterine lignocaine solution for pain relief during intra uterine device application : Randomized clinical trial


Background: The intrauterine device (IUD) is considered as a safe, reversible, long term, easy and an effective method of contraception. The rate of use and acceptance of IUDs has been affected by several concerns. Pain is recognized as one of the major reasons for non-acceptance .

Objectives: prospective randomized, double-blinded, placebo controlled trial aimed to test the performance of intra uterine instillation of 10ml lignocaine 2% solution in relieving pain during IUD insertion in comparison to placebo. Patients and Methods: 246 patients were enrolled in the study. they have been randomly subdivided into 2groups: group I composed of 121 patients received intra uterine instillation of 10mililitres lignocaine 2% solution intrauterine before IUD insertion and group II composed of 125 patients who received normal saline as a control group . Degree of pain was graded by patients themselves by specifying a mark on the visual analogue scale at 4 points of time.

Results: a significant reduction of pain sensation was observed in patients who received lignocaine 2% solution instilled during IUD insertion and also after the procedure. But there wasn’t significant difference between the two groups as regards pain perception neither at the time of teneculum application nor at the time fluid instillation.

Conclusions: intra uterine instillation of 2% lignocaine was useful for pain relief during intra uterine device application.

Key words: randomized clinical trial; pain; intrauterine device (IUD); lignocaine.

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