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Using Nanomaterial’s to Remove Pollutants from Industrial Wastewater Treatment

The development of new and creative technologies has resulted in a large volume of effluents in recent decades. Industrial wastewaters from a variety of industries are a significant source of water contamination. Organic and inorganic contaminants, heavy metals, and non-dissolving compounds are among the pollutants found in wastewater. This contaminant is extremely harmful to the environment. As a result, unique and inventive approaches and technologies must be developed to eliminate them. In recent years, nanomaterials have been touted as a possible pollutant-removal candidate. A variety of cost-effective nanomaterials with unique characteristics are now available. Several studies have recently focused on the elimination of heavy metals. The present review paper focused on the application of nanomaterials to remove pollutants from industrial wastewater. Water is one of the world's most common natural resources, and it is essential for the survival and growth of all humans.

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