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Validation of Cornell Product as a Method of Assessing Left Ventricular Hypertrophy

Background: LV diastolic dysfunction (DD) and diastolic HF is a major and widely spreaded health proplem and it’s associated with higher cardiovascular morbidity and all-cause mortality, ECG –LVH is studied as an early predictor of LV diastolic dysfunction.

Methods: diastolic dysfunction is evaluated in 100 patients with Cornell product (CP) criteria>2440 with complete evaluation of diastolic function via mitral inflow velocities (mitral E velocity, A velocity and E/A ratio), tissue Doppler imaging (septal and lateral annular velocity, E/E’ ratio), deceleration time, isovolumic relaxation time, left atrial Enlargement, left ventricular mass index.

Results: Among the 100 patients (59% female and 41% males), 14% presented with normal diastolic function, while 86% had diastolic dysfunction with different grades, with increasing values of CP with more progression of the diastolic dysfunction severity, in concern to the echocardiographic parameters there were progressively higher values of LVEDD, PWD, IVSD, LVMI, E/A ratio, E/E’ ratio and LAVI with advancement of diastolic dysfunction ; while there were inverse relation between the diastolic dysfunction severity and (E-velocity, a-velocity, lateral E’ velocity and DT).

The IVRT shows higher values with mild degree of diastolic dysfunction then with progression of diastolic dysfunction there were progressive reduction in IVRT values, while there were no significant difference in concern of LVESD and septal E’ velocity between normal population and different grades of diastolic dysfunction.

Conclusions: CP LVH is a strong predictor of presence of Diastolic dysfunction and with higher degrees of diastolic dysfunction; the CP LVH was higher indicating good predictor for the severity of diastolic dysfunction.

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