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Water Restores its Business

According to the latest climate data [1] the climate changes with carbon dioxide. Its emissions are 51 billion tons per year. Mankind uses more than 10 billion tons of water every day. All this water rises into the atmosphere by artificial fumes. We bring it into line - it must be multiplied by 365 days - a year, it will be 3.650 trillion tons per year [2]. Divide $ 3.65 trillion tons by 51 billion-it turns out to be more than 71. It turns out that water vapor in the atmosphere is 71 times more than CO2. 71 tons of water and 1 ton of carbon dioxide are released into the atmosphere. It is known that CO2 is one and a half times heavier than air. Most likely, it does not even rise into the atmosphere. And we see water in the sky almost every day in the form of clouds, precipitation and often suffer from floods. Therefore, the climate does not change from CO2, but from water and not just from water, but from evaporation, not just from evaporation, but from artificial evaporation.

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