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Woody Plant Species Diversity Analysis in Awash National Park, Ethiopia

Woody Plant Species Diversity Analysis in Awash National Park, Ethiopia

The study was conducted at the Awash National Park (ANP), with the objectives of assessing woody plants diversity, identifying plant community types, and producing a list of woody plant species of the ANP, in order to provide information for appropriate decision making on the biodiversity conservation of the park. A total of 64 sample plots, each with 20 × 20 m were laid along the altitudinal gradient of 750 to 1916 m and a total of 65 woody plant species were collected from 44 genera and 27 families. Of the 65 species, 51% were trees, 32% were shrubs and 17% were vines. Out of the 27 families Fabaceae was the dominant family and represented by 12 species in five genera followed by Tiliaceae, Asclepiadaceae and Capparidaceae. Plant specimens were collected and brought to the National Herbarium (ETH) of Addis Ababa University for identification. The specimens were properly identified using authenticated specimens and referring the published volumes of Flora of Ethiopia and Eritrea.


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