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XIAP-AS1 is a New Long Non Coding RNA

Dysregulation of long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) is reported to be associated with the development and progression of various cancers. XIAP-AS1 is a novel lncRNA. It has been shown that XIAP-AS1 is transcribed from the first intron of the complementary strand of the XIAP gene. XIAP-AS1 is located primarily in the nucleus. LncRNA XIAP-AS1 can regulate apoptosis in gastric cancer and might serve as a potential oncogene for colon cancer. Sp1 is a responsible transcription factor for transcription of the XIAP gene. XIAP-AS1 RNA interacts with Sp1 and thereby participates in XIAP transcription. XIAP-AS1 knockingdown decreases the binding of Sp1 to the promoter region of XIAP. In gastric tumor cells, XIAP-AS1 knockdown promotes tumor necrosis factor (TNF)- related apoptosis-inducing ligand (TRAIL)-induced apoptosis. XIAP-AS1 knockdown blockes cell invasion of colon cancer cells by regulating the expression of EMT markers, such as E-cadherin, ZO-1, vimentin, and N-cadherin. Moreover, XIAP-AS1 knockdown significantly reduces STAT3 phosphorylation. XIAP-AS1 interacts with Sp1 and is involved in XIAP transcription. In gastric cancer cells, XIAP-AS1 is a potential target for TRAIL-induced apoptosis. XIAP-AS1 is significantly increased in CRC tissues and moreover its expression showes a positive correlation with TNM stage and cumulative survival rate of CRC. In this review, we focus on the importance of new lncRNA XIAP-AS1 in tumorigenesis, as it functions in apoptosis.

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