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Marijuana or cannabis addiction

Marijuana or cannabis addiction is that the most ordinarily abused felonious drug within us. Marijuana could be a dry, sliced mixture of the flowers, stems, and leaves of the hemp plant marihuana. Marijuana smoke encompasses a pungent and distinctive. Abusing marijuana may end up in issues with memory, learning, mood and social behavior. It will interfere with family, school, work, and alternative activities. Analysis has shown that marijuanas adverse impact on learning and memory will last for days or weeks when the acute effects of the drug wear off. As a result, an individual who smokes marijuana a day is also working at a reduced intellectual level all of the time. Long marijuana abuse will cause addiction. associate degree addicted person can exhibit compulsive drug seeking and use despite the apparent harmful effects upon social functioning within the context of family, school, work, and recreational activities. Marijuana is additionally usually spoken as a gateway drug that destigmatizes or demystifies the concept of drug use, creating marijuana abusers a lot of prone to abuse alternative illicit medication like hard drug, heroin, hallucinogens or methamphetamines. In addition, once long marijuana abusers attempt to stop victimisation the drug, they usually suffer with variety of unpleasant symptoms that create it troublesome to quit. Marijuana is sometimes smoke-dried as a cigarette, spoken as a joint, or in a very pipe. Its conjointly smoke-dried in blunts, that area unit cigars that are empty of tobacco and refilled with marijuana. Since the blunt retains the tobacco leaf wont to wrap the roll of tobacco, this mode of delivery combines marijuanas active ingredients with alkaloid from the tobacco. Cancer of the lungs is additionally joined to marijuana use as a result of unfiltered marijuana smoke has a lot of carcinogens than cigarettes.