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Derek Braddon

Derek Braddon
Bristol Business School,
University of the West of England, United Kingdom

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Professor Derek Braddon is Emeritus Professor of Economics in UWE’s Economics Department within the Bristol Business School. He has been interviewed over 250 times for TV, radio and Press interviews since 1990 – BBC I, HTV, Sky News, BBC Radio 4 News and File on Four, international, national and regional radio and has been quoted many time in the national press. Having had a great deal of TV, radio and other media exposure over the years, I fully understand the need to condense information in to a ‘listener-friendly’ format and to be concise and focused in responding to questions. ""My aim is always to make economic ideas, concepts, theories and policy issues easily accessible to the general public and always try to do so without ‘taking sides’. My principal research areas are in aerospace and defence economics, which is particularly relevant to the Bristol region given the prominence of those industries here. However, as an economist with a wide range of academic interests, I am happy to comment on other major issues of economic policy as they occur.

Research Interest

Aerospace , defense economics and Institutional Economics


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