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Bioinformatics & Computational Biology Journals

Bioinformatics is a scientific field that involves the development of various methods, mathematical modeling and computational simulation techniques to the study of biological system and behavior. Bioinformatics is a combination of two scientific branches, i.e. computer science and biology. It involves application of computer science, applied mathematics, statistics, biochemistry, chemistry, biophysics, molecular biology, genetics, genomics, ecology, evolution, neuroscience, and visualization. Computational Biology is a branch similar to Bioinformatics and involves common tools like Java, C#, XML, Perl, C, C++, Python, R etc to develop algorithms. Journal of Applied Bioinformatics & Computational Biology is a peer review, hybrid journal which finds wide scope under the journals in Bioinformatics & Computational Biology. It includes study on computational biology, genomics, proteomics, gene regulation and sequencing, micro-array, in-silico technologies etc. Journal of Applied Bioinformatics & Computational Biology accepts submissions as research, review, case report, commentary or editorial across the globe and authors can submit their valuable contribution under open access or subscription mode of publication as per the hybrid model.