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Latest Research in Diagnostic Microbiology

The Journal of Diagnostic Techniques and Biomedical Analysis keeps you updated on Latest Research in Diagnostic Microbiology. JDTBA covers all major themes and interdisciplinary aspects pertaining to Diagnostic Microbiology. Diagnostic microbiology is a specialty in the sciences which focuses on applying microbiology to medical diagnosis. Most often, it is necessary to use microbiologic laboratory methods to identify a specific etiologic agent. Diagnostic medical microbiology is the discipline that identifies etiologic agents of disease. Specimens selected for microbiologic examination should reflect the disease process and be collected in sufficient quantity to allow complete microbiologic examination. Microbes such as bacteria, protozoans, and fungi play a role in many disease processes. When a patient presents with a condition which is caused by an infection, the doctor usually wants to determine which organism is responsible so that the best treatment can be selected. Diagnosis requires a composite of information, including history, physical examination, radiographic findings, and laboratory data. The Journal of Diagnostic Techniques and Biomedical Analysis emphasises on diagnostic techniques, disease diagnosis, diagnostic tests, biomedical & clinical sciences, diagnostic microbiology and biomedical analysis of disease causative agents. It also includes developments and innovation in analytical methodology, biomedical imaging, radiology, chemical imaging and radioactive techniques, computer-aided diagnosis, medical instrumentation & research.

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