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Bioremediation Journals with Impact Factor

Impact factor is a measure to compare a journal with other competing journals within the same academic field. Bioremediation journals with impact factor are those journals that have received citations for their recently published articles. Expert Opinion on Environmental Biology is a newly launched journal that covers the scope of bioremediation journals. The journal Expert Opinion on Environmental Biology publishes scholarly articles in the relevant field in order to get its articles maximum citations. The journal accepts wide range of articles including research, review papers, case reports, short communication, rapid communication, online letters to the editors etc. Expert Opinion on Environmental Biology maintains the standards of publishing through publications of peer reviewed articles. The journal conducts peer review of its articles with the support of its expert editors and reviewers, who are experienced and serving the scientific community. The articles are accepted based on the comments of the reviewers and editors and further published. The journal aims at disseminating scientific knowledge in the field of bioremediation and publishing scholarly articles at regular intervals in order to get more and more citations to get an impact factor for the journal. Expert Opinion on Environmental Biology strives to be listed amongst bioremediation journals with impact factor.